"Animal Friends Teaching Children"
The Spotters are deaf Dalmatians that have been rescued off the streets, from shelters or breeders. 

The latest scientific research shows 30% of Dalmatians are born deaf in either one or both ears.

Spotlighting their value as companion dogs. TN Safety Spotter’s goal is to ultimately increase their adoption from shelter and rescues.

Tennessee Safety Spotters Has Been a non-profit since 2010.

Each Spotter gets professional training by Executive Director Patricia Belt, who teaches them to understand hand signals and sign language.
Every Spotter starts with Puppy Class for basic obedience and socialization. 

After basic it's on to intermediate & advanced obedience trainings. The Spotters earn their Canine Good Citizen award and continue onto Therapy Dog Training upon graduating.

Through educational programs the Spotters significantly reduce the number of dog bite injuries, bullying incidents, and fire deaths in children.

TN Safety Spotters is a nonprofit Charitable Organization and operates entirely on donations. Your donations are appreciated and are tax deductible.